The YouTube Marketing Tips You Should Know!

December 16, 2022

Where is the treasure place of traffic? 

YouTube, with 2.3 billion users in 2021, is the world's largest video site. According to statistics, billions of videos are broadcasted on YouTube every day.

It is also the second largest search engine after Google, with 90% of users reporting that they are aware of new brands or products through YouTube - a source of traffic and business opportunities.

Data source: Finances Online , Business Review,YouTube 2021

Even with the popularity of short videos, there is no substitute for YouTube's strength in in-depth reviews and brand storytelling in video content. There are many stories of brand sellers’ successful marketing on YouTube, and these experiences provide ideas for sellers with a need for traffic and brand building.

Let YouTube help you to boost your sales in the coming days!

YouTube’s features

YouTube was founded in 2005 and has become the second most visited website in the world after Google Search. The 2022 YouTube data report shows that YouTube has 2.024 billion ad users over 18 ages by July 2022.

As the world's largest video-sharing website, YouTube's platform features, such as high user stickiness, fewer video content restrictions, and a mature promotion partnership ecosystem, have attracted many businesses for video marketing and promotion.

Data source: Finances Online , Business Review, 16 YouTube Trends for 2022/2023. New predictions and a look into the future

High user stickiness

In 2020, YouTube consumed 25% of the world's mobile traffic, and 45% of users watch at least one hour of YouTube videos per week.

Over 70% of users watch recommended videos based on the YouTube platform's push algorithm. This algorithm further enhances user stickiness by capturing their viewing habits.

Faced with the vast number of channels and broadcasters on the platform, aspiring brands can divide their video marketing efforts in two ways.

1) Create the brand's official YouTube channel and upload relevant branding videos.

2) Communicate with quality video producers and start collaborations, such as sending samples and contracting videos.

Less restrictive video content

In addition to the massive volume of users, YouTube channels offer plenty of appeal to all groups. Users can find videos on clothing, food, housing, transport, and professional skills on this platform. The content is legal and compliant, and certified users of the platform can upload videos of up to 12 hours (15 minutes for regular users).

However, it is essential to note that users' attention spans are ultimately limited. Statistics show that 20% of viewers will leave within the first 10 seconds of a video. It poses a dilemma for video creators: how can they quickly capture their audience's interest and increase retention rates? The answer to this question may largely influence the effectiveness of corporate communication on the YouTube platform.

Mature promotion cooperation ecosystem

YouTube released its first onsite ads back in 2007, and in the 15 years since then, YouTube has grown in the number of ways it can promote partnerships and its ecosystem has matured. From the early days of ad publishing to brands spontaneously joining the platform to the current popularity of celebrity marketing. Audiences are increasingly adapting to the video marketing landscape. They are even actively incorporating YouTube into their consumer journey: 51% of UK and US consumers go to YouTube to research before making a purchase and then decide whom they will ultimately buy.

YouTube marketing tips

With YouTube's high-quality content, sticky users, and marketing advantages, a thorough understanding of YouTube and YouTube marketing tips will help you get more done with less effort.

Channel introduction videos

Many YouTube channels have a short introductory video at the top of the page that plays when visitors arrive.

You can also take the best parts of past videos and put them together to create an introductory video that can display on the homepage to give new visitors a quick overview of your channel's central theme.

Channel introduction jingles

You can use jingles in the intro section of your video at the end. Most YouTube stars end their videos with a message saying, "If you liked this video, like it, comment, and subscribe." However, this is far more removed from the video itself and far less convincing than the presence of the tagline while the user is watching the content.

The tagline doesn't have to be complicated. "I usually post a video every Wednesday afternoon, the next one will be about XXX." These seconds summarize the channel's message and attract new viewers to subscribe.

Channel topic thumbnails 

Sometimes video thumbnails are better at getting people to click on your video than the title, and you need to ensure that they are consistent with the subject matter.

Although YouTube allows users to choose a thumbnail from a video, it is better to design it separately. When creating thumbnails, ensure that all video thumbnails are consistent in style and flow.

The following is an excellent example of a thumbnail that will give potential subscribers a general idea of the video.

Video collaboration

It is common for YouTube video publishers to interact with each other to promote their videos. Look for YouTube bloggers who have a similar audience to you to collaborate. For example, if you appear in each other's videos, it can recognize both of you in front of the other's video audience.

Get noticed with 'hot spots.'

One of the tactics used to promote YouTube videos is to 'trend' them. Consider making videos related to hot news, celebrities, and trends that already have an audience and can attract new subscribers to your site.

Here are some common ways to create 'hot' videos:

1) Using existing popular songs in the video.

2) Parodying or discussing something popular in the video.

3) Responding to other popular video creators in the video.

4) Reacting to popular videos, parodying, and commenting.

5) expressing their thoughts and opinions on popular news.

Posting these videos at the right time can reach people who would not otherwise follow your videos and direct them to your channel.

Create playlists

It's important to categorize your videos, and you need to consider the audience on your channel, other channels, and even audiences outside the YouTube platform if you have enough content for them to make up a playlist.

These listings will have the opportunity to appear in YouTube's search results, and you can use Keywords,EverywhereChrome extensions to see the end-of-month search volume for different content and give your playlist a name that will attract clicks.

Not only does this categorize videos effectively, but you can also choose which videos to play to your audience next, rather than having other creators' videos play 'as YouTube does. You can also share links to videos directly from the playlist so that all the videos your viewers see are from your channel.

Recommend other videos

The video annotation feature, which used to allow you to jump to other pages, has been turned off by YouTube. In turn, YouTube has introduced "Info cards," an enhanced version of annotations.

Using info cards for videos allows you to suggest other videos within a video, playlists, or specific videos that a wider audience can view.

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If you're already using YouTube for video marketing but haven't seen any significant results yet, try these 7 YouTube video marketing tips; if you haven't started yet, take this list of information, and you'll be able to use them!

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