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Take your online business to the next level by opening up overseas markets with SHOPLINE's cross-border sales tools. Easily set up shipping fees and delivery locations to sell anytime, anywhere.

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International shippping with SHOPLINE

International Shipping

Shipping products across borders can become complex and costly when navigating different customs regulations as well as taxes and tariffs. It can also be challenging to track and deliver packages to customers in areas with unreliable postal systems.

 Effective cross-cultural communication to connect with potential customers and build trust


Selling products globally requires effective cross-cultural communication to connect with potential customers and build trust. This calls for adapting to suitable product offerings, marketing strategies, and accurate translation to meet the needs and expectations of target markets.

Payment compliance is vital to e-commerce sucess

Payment Compliance

Processing payments internationally requires specialized payment solutions that comply with local banking regulations, handle exchange rates, and mitigate fraud and chargeback risks. To ensure secure payments, you need reliable payment processing methods and clear refund policies.

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Expand Your Sales Globally with SHOPLINE's Multi-Currency, Multilingual Support and User-Friendly Interface

SHOPLINE makes global expansion easy thanks to a user-friendly interface and seamless support for multiple currencies and languages. Trust our platform to create a positive customer experience, break down barriers, boost sales, and establish a robust global presence.

Manage Deliveries with Our Comprehensive Logistics Platform

Take the hassle out of logistics with a unified platform that features end-to-end visibility, real-time tracking, and user-friendly booking. With one-stop integration, optimizing operations and shipping has never been easier. Improve customer satisfaction now using SHOPLINE's logistics platform.

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Boost Sales with Secure and Affordable Payment Gateways

Boost Sales with Secure and Affordable Payment Gateways

SHOPLINE is committed to making payment processes frictionless and enhancing customer experience with a full range of payment options, including FPX, credit card, Atome BNPL, e-Wallet. Benefit from our payment gateway and focus on growing your business.

Navigate International Commerce: Customs Duties and Import Taxes at a Glance

SHOPLINE Markets addresses the complexities of customs duties and import taxes by organizing them all on the checkout page, providing international customers with a transparent shopping experience. Expand your online business globally with SHOPLINE Markets' seamless and trustworthy service.

merchant using SHOPLINE to inform customers about customs duties and import taxes

Create tailor-made online shopping experiences for different buyer groups

  • Set local pricing

    When you create an active marketplace, customers in those countries/regions will browse and pay in their local currency by default.

  • Currency conversions and exchange rates

    Currency conversions occur during a transaction, such as when a payment is obtained, a refund is issued, or a chargeback occurs. The foreign exchange rate used is always the rate for the duration of the transaction.

  • Set product prices by country/region

    You can set the corresponding product and logistics prices for individual active markets.

  • Discounts

    When selling in local currency, you can use discount codes to offer percentage based discounts and fixed amount discounts to your customers.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift card denominations and balances are set in your store's currency, but customers purchase and redeem in their local currency.

  • Refunds

    Refunds are always issued to the customer in the currency the customer used to pay for the order.

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