Get your products discovered by billions on Google

SHOPLINE is deeply integrated with powerful tools such as Google Ads, Google Shopping and Google Analytics. Connect your SHOPLINE store to market to and convert your target audience as they navigate the internet.

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Display your products for free on a wide range of Google services including Search, Shopping, display, and YouTube.
Link your stores with your ad accounts to create budget-friendly Performance Max accounts and boost your brand's reach online.
Synchronise your data, orders and inventory on Google with SHOPLINE's Google Merchant Centre integrations for a consistent customer experience.

Seamlessly link your Google and GMC accounts with SHOPLINE

Have control over everything in one SHOPLINE account by just linking your Google account which automatically links your Google Merchant Centre.

Fully integrated with the world's most powerful search engine

Real-time product syncing
  • Connect your SHOPLINE account with your GMC and all Product data specification will be synced in real-time .

Tag management made easy
  • All your product tags created in SHOPLINE will all be synced to your GMC giving you more accuracy with digital ads.

Get more out of your ad spend with SHOPLINE Smart Ads

Register bulletproof accounts
Register clean Facebook, Google, and TikTok accounts with accounts that won't get blocked.
Create and optimise
start ads Facebook and Instagram ads all from your SHOPLINE dashboard.
Keep your account safe and sound
no redirecting to the backend of Google, everything can be done within the SHOPLINE platform for easier management and access.
It's called Smart Ads for a reason
24/7 algorithmic optimisation for you to scale or shut down underperforming ads.

Leverage SHOPLINE's partnership with Google

SHOPLINE is an official Google Partner - our long-term and cooperative relationship means that we enjoy customer docking services and our merchants receive exclusive support from the Google team.

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