Brick-and-mortar doesn't mean old-and-outdated

SHOPLINE POS helps you run your business end-to-end. Cloud-based and connected to e-commerce, it is an intuitive and powerful system that helps you to manage payments, orders, inventory and employees out of simple yet capable tablet hardware.

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Browse in store, buy online
Give customers a chance to try the product out and buy anywhere.
Buy online, pick up in store
Bring online customers physically to your store.
Buy in store, ship to customer
Never lose a sale just because it’s out of stock at your store.
Buy anywhere, return anywhere
Give your customer flexible return and exchange options.

Create a seamless experience for your customers to secure sales from start to finish

SHOPLINE POS simplifies the customer experience by taking out the friction that can occur during payments and checkouts. Additionally, the gap between the online and offline experience is bridged so that customers can shop in a way that is truly omnichannel.

Powerful O2O management that scales with your business  - orders, employees, inventory and more

SHOPLINE POS's full suite of business tools means that your retail management is handled from front-end to back-end. Manage your staff schedules, get your inventory updated across stores and manage your vendors - all in one system.

Make smarter retail business decisions by getting smarter and more integrated data across physical and digital platforms

SHOPLINE POS is powered by industry-leading analytics tools so that you can deeply understand how your business is performing - make sense of your sales performance, predict inventory needs and understand the customer journey.

Enjoy a more compact solution - sleek, powerful and portable performance operated from a tablet or POS machine

Run your business our of capable software powered by a range of robust and easy-to-use hardware - cut down on servicing and save space in smaller stores.

Take the leap into the future with omnichannel commerce

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