Theme Recommendation - Apparel Impression

Sell Online
January 6, 2023

The unique theme is SHOPLINE launched, with a flexible, stylish design and attractive picture layout features, suitable for clothing pendant site templates. Impress global use of classic black-and-white color schemes and serif fonts. All pages of the background, fonts, colors, buttons, and picture size are the ultimate goal of the pursuit of a web page that is simple and easy to understand.

Feature 1: Advanced Page Design

In the apparel category, buyers are mainly informed through pictures. Impress adopts a widescreen design to maximize product details and keep the page neat and unified. By scrolling the parallax effect, the store can attract buyers more and facilitate sellers to display the store's primary products and product series. 

Feature 2: Super Menu

You can configure the "mega menu" in the header using the template. When buyers click on the menu on the Customer-side, the corresponding category image will be displayed, providing buyers with a better display effect. It allows them to understand the characteristics of the category the first time and choose the corresponding category according to their needs, reducing the selection difficulty.

Feature 3: Icon Affirmation & FAQ

It can configure the home page with the icon affirmation component to show the store logistics policy, after-sales policy, and in-store customer service. In a more concise form so buyers can understand their concerns the first time, convenient and intuitive, and it can also set up a FAQ panel. When browsing the target goods, buyers can always understand the most common questions and answers about the goods, such as product materials, production sites, and logistics. It establishes a timely trust to enhance store credibility.

Feature 4: High Degree of Freedom in Design

The bottom marketing module runs through the entire shopping chain. It can be set to display hierarchy so buyers can see other categories/commodity information when browsing products and jump directly to the desired product detail page/commodity category after clicking.

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