Easily maintain your regular customers by using Subscription E-commerce

Subscription-based payment can reduce the C-user's operations of repeated orders and payments; for merchants, subscription-based sales can increase user stickiness, provide continuous and stable sale.

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Why should brand websites do Subscription E-commerce?

Industry size and trends
  • Subscription E-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, with 15% of online buyers already subscribing to one or more products or services and the number of online shoppers reaching 2.14 billion as of 2021, according to a McKinsey & Company study.

Optimize inventory management
  • Subscription-based e-commerce brings predictable revenue, allowing companies to know exactly what items need to be replenished, in what quantities, and how often.

Cultivate loyal customers
  • With the subscription-based e-commerce model, companies have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with their customers based on convenience, reliability and meeting their needs.

Increase overall sales
  • The subscription-based e-commerce model builds member loyalty, generates more revenue, and creates more opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Customize subscription plan settings according to store product type

Set the appropriate purchase frequency according to the store product type, while meeting the different requirements of customers for consumption cycles, including setting the number of subscription cycles, subscription discounts, and the frequency of subscription cycle intervals.

Designed for you with a variety of subscription display styles

Three different styles are offered, allowing users to choose the right subscription component to display based on the subscription options, the selling method, and the store theme style.

Automated email notifications to improve customer communication efficiency

You can choose to send automated emails to customers to ensure that they understand the order information and make the subscription process clearer for them; you can also set up automated emails for feedback to merchants to facilitate real-time follow-up with customers.

Data viewing capabilities to help merchants better manage subscription plans

Subscription contract follow-up
  • Merchant can manage the subscription contract, view the details, set up the next subscription order, and view the subscription orders associated with the subscription contract.

Subscription plan data trackable
  • It is convenient for you to visualize the data of [Orders], [GMV], [Subscription Contracts] and [Subscribers], so you can see the overall operation at a glance.

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