Manage your distribution end-to-end with SHOPLINE

Handling the ins and outs of your distributor network is made easy with SHOPLINE's distributor management solution

Acquire and manage distributors quickly and efficiently

  • Create tailored landing pages to communicate with your B2B distributors

  • Easily monitor your distributor network with smart management tools

Customise commission schemes

  • Set up tiered commission schemes for different sets of distributors

  • Align distributor management with business objectives with different settings for different distributors

Take charge of your distributor promotions

  • Customise distributor promotion settings in line with your business strategy

  • Automate the disbursement of commissions when shoppers make payments

Gain valuable insights into your distributor landscape with our robust analysis dashboard

  • Get a top-down overview of your distribution network

  • Precisely record each distributor sale and commission

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