The Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system, initiated by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), is designed to facilitate secure and efficient cross-border data flows among member economies while ensuring robust data protection. This system is grounded in the APEC Privacy Framework and requires participating businesses to comply with a comprehensive set of data protection standards that align with this framework.

These standards cover essential aspects of data privacy, including protection, accountability, transparency, and choice for individuals. The CBPR system not only bolsters consumer privacy but also aids in regional economic integration by enabling secure data transfers in compliance with established privacy norms. Certified companies are assessed by APEC-approved Accountability Agents, who verify adherence to CBPR's privacy practices.

As of now, several APEC member economies have joined the CBPR system, including the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Chinese Taipei, the Philippines, and Mexico. The inclusion of these members reflects the growing importance and recognition of CBPR as a standard for privacy practices in the Asia-Pacific. For businesses operating across these economies, CBPR certification represents a commitment to safeguarding personal information in the global digital economy.

To strictly comply with cross-border data regulations and better serve markets in various countries from Singapore, SHOPLINE has applied for and successfully obtained CBPR certification, adhering to the cross-border data requirements of different countries.

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