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All-in-one social commerce platform

How SHOPLINE can help you scale your business

How SHOPLINE can help you scale your business


Spend less and sell more on social channels.

Centralized communication

Manage conversations and orders all in one place.

Chat automation

Offer a smooth shopping experience for your customers through automatic keyword replies and conversation assignments.

Instant order capture

Place orders during livestreams and on social posts using keyword comments.



Manage all your online store and social channel messages within our one-stop Message Center without switching between pages or devices.

Channel Integrations

Connect your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram for centralized conversation management.

Customer Management

Merge customer profiles and synchronize order information across different platforms for integrated customer data.

Checkout Links

Create orders, add products, and send checkout links to your customers to facilitate a more seamless checkout process.

Chatbot Automation

Assign conversation and smart replies to respond to customer inquiries with automation.

Product Catalog

Send pre-set product catalogs to accelerate customer conversions, from decision-making, adding to cart, to checking out.

Voice Messages

Receive voice messages from different channels with our Message Center to enjoy a faster and more precise communication.


Improve brand authenticity and foster more personalized customer engagement by selling in real-time on social platforms.

Multi-channel Sales

Start livestream selling on Facebook and Instagram by connecting to your social pages or creating a livestream directly via SHOPLINE.


Go live with your partners or affiliates and cross-post livestream events across multiple pages to capture more sales from different groups of audiences.

Comment Selling

Assign keywords to individual products and invite customers to place orders directly by commenting "Keyword+1".

Lock Inventory

Lock inventory for a limited time during a livestream to enable customers to immediately reserve products, continue shopping and check out later.

Promotional Campaigns

Leverage games and reward systems to boost customer interactions and increase traffic.

Performance Dashboard

Enjoy a hassle-free livestream experience where you can monitor your streaming progress, upload products, and manage customer conversations all within a single page.

Post Sales

Turn your social post into an order-capturing tool simply by enabling the comment-selling feature, ensuring continuous sales even when you are offline.

Comment Label Printing

Print labels for customer comments to help you pack orders accurately and deliver without errors.


Expand your reach by integrating different channels to elevate your customer shopping experience.


Connect your Facebook Business Extension and auto-sync your product feed for better advertising and campaign management.


Make Instagram shoppable by showcasing and selling your products directly on Instagram Shops.


With our WhatsApp Business API integration, different work teams can access the same conversation without duplicating conversations with each customer.


Turn your conversations into sales by sending product catalogs and discount codes directly to your customers.

Live Chat

Add the social live chat widget to your website and stay connected with your customers via our centralized messaging platform, even when they are no longer on your website.


Integrate all your social profiles into Linkiee and synchronize your products to start selling beyond your website.

Connect Social Profiles

Create a unique link and add your social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada.

Versatile Content Modules

Style your page with versatile content like images, videos, forms, and more.

Page Customization

Improve your branding with a personal touch by uploading your logo and creating an unique page theme.

Product Selling

Automatically sync and sell your SHOPLINE products through Linkiee.

Affiliate Link

Maximize your earning with a commission-based selling model that connects you to numerous renowned brands.

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