Scale your business with ShopHub

ShopHub is the all-in-one platform for omni-channel merchants to manage their products, inventory and orders

Simplify your omni-channel product management

  • Quickly list your products across your channels by digitising your product library

  • Add and move your products in bulk and publish to multiple sales channels

  • Edit and synchronise product information in real-time

Sort out your inventory in real-time across all your channels

  • Keep your inventory tracking consistent by sharing warehouse inventory information between your sales channels

  • ShopHub helps you avoid overselling by automatically updating warehouse inventory when orders happen

  • Maximise your sales by optimising your inventory to ideal levels

Speed up your multi-channel order processing with a unified platform

  • Efficiently process all  your orders and fulfillments across your different sales channels on one easy-to-use platform

  • Improve your stock allocation with ShopHub’s Smart Fulfillment Priority feature that can reduce up to 90% of your order processing time

  • Automatically synchronise your order information so that fulfillment can be monitored at every checkpoint

Unlock data-driven decision making with ShopHub

  • Get actionable insights to scale your business

  • Make sense of the data with relevant analytics through products and inventory reports, order summaries and graphs

  • Track sales data to drive conversions and improve your omni-channel sales performance

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