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SHOPLINE Online Store Features

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business

How SHOPLINE can help you to grow and scale your business

Discount marketing

Drive sales and customer acquisition through extensive promotion campaigns.

Automated workflows

Optimize processes to reduce inefficiencies in daily tasks.

Centralized communication

Stay connected with your customers via social live chat widget integrated with our centralized messaging platform.

International expansion

Sell beyond your local market and gain more brand recognition.



Choose from a multitude of frictionless online payment options.



Enjoy preferential credit card rates with SHOPLINE Payments integration, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

Buy Now Pay Later

Allow customers to make interest-free payments without the hassles of traditional bank installments through Grab PayLater and Atome integration.

Partial Payments

Our Pre-order app allows you to secure deposits for high-ticket or pre-order items to reduce loss of sales.

Product Subscription

Set your recurring payment interval and ensure on-time shipments with automated reminders and updates.

Payment Links

Directly send checkout links to customers for a seamless payment process.


Centralize your product database and sync sales channels to eliminate stock discrepancies.

Comprehensive Products Library

Add and publish unlimited product listings to different sales channels.

Product Categories

Categorize products by brands, price range, promotions, etc., for efficient filtering.

Stock Visibility

View available stock on different channels to maximize every sales opportunity.

Multi-location Inventory

Allocate inventory to each location and all sales channels to optimize profitability.


Fully grasp customer information and purchase history across platforms.

Customer Portraits

Understand your customer sources, registration & subscription status, and spending capacity.

Customer Segmentation

Segment similar customer characteristics for remarketing with SHOPLINE marketing tools.

Central Customer Database

Keep customer data in sync among all your sales channels, including your e-commerce, social commerce, Message Center, and retail store.

Track Order History

Gather and monitor sales from different sources using the Admin dashboard.


Integrate customer management tools to improve repurchase rate and member acquisition.

Membership Tier


Engage your best customers with exclusive rewards, providing more distinguished benefits for each member upgrade and extension.

Point System

Set different point-earning rules for each member tier and encourage repeat purchases.

Member Referral


Reward your customers and their friends with our referral program to increase member retention and expand your customer base.

Store Credits

Improve customer stickiness and establish long-term relationships by offering credit rewards.

Gift Card

Offer store-exclusive gift cards for customers to boost brand awareness and loyalty.


Engage your customers with a sign-up guide, rewards redemption, and referrals to boost sales.

Birthday Reward

Reward your customers on their birthday through customizable email templates to reactivate customer relations.

Affiliate Marketing


Reduce search costs in identifying the lead magnets and set up a reward system effortlessly for your affiliates and customers.


Expose your customers to more product options through promotions and visualizations.

Discount Types


Use extensive discount scenarios to cater to different promotional requirements - Flash sales, Discounts on lowest-priced items, Buy X get Y, Free gift, Percentage and fixed discount, Member price

Cart Progress Bar

Customize the look of the progress bar to help customers visualize how close they are to unlocking offers.

Product Bundling

Allow manual or smart system configuration of discounted bundles and add-ons to facilitate product cross-selling.

Conversion Booster


Use special conversion tools to reveal product scarcity and prompt customers to purchase - Product label tag, cart countdown timer, viewer count, sales count

Instagram Feed


Optimize your conversion through social proofing and increase exposure via product tagging.

Review Management

Add ratings to improve brand trust and better SEO, and a message board help promote engagement.

Product Customization

Help customers personalize their products with customizable templates.

Product Recommendation

Set custom or smart system configurations to recommend products on designated pages of your online store.

Themes & App Blocks

25+ free categorized themes with app blocks and embeds to enhance your store functionality.


Build a lasting online presence by effortlessly creating high-impact emails.

Automation Tools


Set up a delay interval between each email and conditions with user-friendly preset automation templates. Tailor your messages for different target audiences with ease.

Attractive Themes


Design a visually appealing email with our extensive template library tailored for different seasons and categories.

Customer Segmentation

Ensure your messages reach the right customers with your own or our suggested customer segments.

Smart Email Builder

Drag and drop product or discount blocks to customize email templates with no coding experience required.

Discount Application

Directly link your discount codes created on SHOPLINE to SmartPush with just one click.

Third-party Integrations

Integrate other email marketing platforms to optimize marketing efficiency.


Set up custom workflows to automate daily tasks for better customer, inventory, and post-sales management.

Scenario-based Workflows

20+ pre-built automation workflows with customizable triggers, actions, and conditions for different scenarios.

App Integration


Integrated flow with SmartPush for automated email campaigns without switching between features and applications.



Movable connectors to adjust triggers and actions for automation workflows.

Execution Log

A clear view of the details and status of each flow execution for agile adjustment

Inventory Management

Auto-tag low inventory or out-of-stock items and trigger emails to the staff in charge of replenishment.

Customer Management


Segment customers based on how much they spend and tag return customers based on specific order counts for audience targeting.

After-sales Management

Email your staff or yourself when canceled or refunded order counts reach a threshold to monitor product and service quality.


Strategize and improve productivity by conducting in-depth analysis of customer behavior, sales margins, and inventory movements.

Sales & Profit

Compare sales using different metrics and identify your most profitable products.

Inventory Movement

Review each month's sell-through rate and ending stock balance for better inventory management.

Traffic Acquisition

Understand your customer source by regions, channels, and devices.

Customer Behaviour

Identify drop-off points and make optimized decisions with extensive conversion metrics.

Report Customization

Select your metrics and create custom reports for in-depth analysis and insights.


Scale internationally to sell products that are not available locally and gain brand recognition and market share.



Expand into international markets from a single platform.

Language Localization

Tailor webstores for different markets by customizing content for all supported languages.

Set your Local Currency

Set your preferred conversion rate or product price for each market to accommodate sales and payments in local currency.

Geolocation Redirection

Use the Geolocation plugin to redirect customers to their home or preferred region for accurate sales tracking.

Integrated Logistics


Leverage OneShip, our integrated logistics solution, to manage shipments, book couriers, and track parcels with real-time shipment status updates.

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