Say “bye” To The Single Ecomerce Payment Method

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January 6, 2023

Many sellers only have a single payment method for their website, and when there is a problem with the payment account, the transaction will immediately stop, and the seller will be in a passive state. For this reason, this is an inventory of all the payment methods available for SHOPLINE.

After reading this article, you can enrich your payment methods for your target market, giving consumers more payment options and reducing your collection risk.

SHOPLINE now has access to about 26 payment providers, supporting global e-wallets Paypal, international credit card payments, and localized payments in some regions. To provide more comprehensive coverage of merchants' needs, SHOPLINE continues to access new service providers so that merchants can choose the right payment provider according to their sales market and operational requirements.

The following is the SHOPLINE payment service provider of the configuration portal. The system will display a list of supported service providers based on your store currency. If you need to open a particular service provider, contact the service provider offline, sign up and get the relevant parameters, bind to the SHOPLINE backend and go live.


A brief overview of the payment service providers and methods is supported in SHOPLINE.

Global e-wallet: Paypal

Paypal is one of the most widely used payment methods in the world. Its users cover the whole world, especially buyers in Europe and America who use Paypal to pay. Buyers can not only pay with a Paypal wallet balance but also pay with debit or credit cards bound to Paypal. Therefore, Paypal is a necessary payment method for every cross-border e-commerce seller.

Merchants can log on to Paypal's official website to apply for opening Paypal accounts. SHOPLINE stores support binding Paypal corporate and personal accounts and support one-click authorization and critical imperative programs.

International credit card payment (credit cards)

An international credit card is a bank card with the logo of the card organization issued by the card organization and the bank, generally including credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

International card organizations mainly refer to Visa, master, American express, Diners, Discover, JCB, and Unionpay.

Since international card organizations have established global clearing networks, international card payment is the most mainstream payment method in the world. Every country can support international card payments with more than 200 transaction currencies.

It is worth noting that the commonly said international credit card payment is not only limited to credit cards but also includes other card types, such as debit cards and prepaid cards.

By accessing third-party payment service providers, merchants allow buyers to pay directly with bank cards marked with the logo of international card organizations. To make the payment experience smoother, SHOPLINE unifies the ordering experience across all payment channels, with no jumping around and a checkout page to complete the payment.

The international credit card payment process is straightforward. Buyers with a card with the logo of the card organization can place an order on e-commerce sites that support the same symbol and enter the card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and CVV code to complete the payment.

International card payment and order page display

The following service providers are currently supporting international credit card payments for SHOPLINE. SHOPLINE Payments is SHOPLINE's payment tool that helps international card payments and local payment methods in some regions.

  1. SHOPLINE Payments
  2. Oceanpayment
  3. Asiabill
  4. Pacypay
  5. Usepay
  6. Airwallex
  7. Ipaylinks
  8. Lianlianpay
  9. PingpongPay (coming soon)
  10. Stripe
  11. Adyen
  12. Worldpay
  13. Payoneer (coming soon)
  14. Onekpay
  15. Wintopay
  16. Xborderpay
  17. PPlinkpay
  18. Dlocal
  19. xendit(Indonesia market)
  20. KOMOJU(Japan market, coming soon)


Local payment methods

 (Japan-Oceanpay docking, Indonesia-credit docking, Latin America and others-dlocal docking.)

Local payment refers to payment methods local to the sales region, including local bank transfers, e-wallets, cash payments, convenience store payments, and installment payments. The following are the local payment channels currently accessed by SHOPLINE.

  • Payssion: covers all localized payment methods supported by Payssion, including e-wallets, bank transfers, cash payments, and convenience store payments. Please get in touch with your Payssion account manager for details.
  • Oceanpayment Local Payment: covers all localized payment methods supported by Oceanpay, including e-wallets, bank transfers, cash payments, and convenience store payments. Please get in touch with the Oceanpayment account manager for details.
  • Dlocal Local Payments: Dlocal is a payment service provider developed in the Latin American market, covering all regional localized payment methods supported by Dlocal, including e-wallets, bank transfers, cash payments, and convenience store payments. Please get in touch with your Dlocal account manager for details.
  • KOMOJU Japan Local Payment: KOMOJU is a well-known payment service provider in Japan and is currently online with KOMOJU Japan Local Payment, including e-wallets, bank transfers, cash payments, convenience store payments, and more. For details, please get in touch with the KOMOJU account manager.
  • Xendit Local Payments: Xendit is the largest payment service provider in Indonesia, currently offering local bank transfers and e-wallets.


Buy now pay later 

Buy now pay later allows buyers to get the goods and pay for them in the future for a certain period, including 30 days, 180 days, and one year. Repayment is made within the specified period, and the buyer does not have to pay additional interest. Of course, service providers also offer installment plans that charge interest.

Atome: The largest BNPL service provider in Southeast Asia, currently online, is in Singapore and Malaysia.

Klarna: BNPL service provider in Europe, America, and Australia.

Afterpay: BNPL provider in Europe and America.

Affirm BNPL service provider in Europe and America.

Installment payment transaction interface.

 Comparison of credit card and installment payment methods

Custom pay

The SHOPLINE backend supports merchants to manually add payment methods such as cod cash on delivery and offline bank transfer. The merchant provides payment instructions, and the buyer completes the payment offline.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are based on a network of transactions between banks in various countries, allowing buyers to complete payments through online banking quickly. At the same time, merchants only need to connect to the online payment system at once.

Some countries worldwide prefer bank transfers.

-Europe: Germany (giropay, SEPA), Netherlands (ideal), Finland, Switzerland

Southeast Asia: Malaysia (FPX), Singapore (Paynow), India (UPI), Indonesia

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