Low In-store Conversion and Low Repurchase - SHOPLINE Teams Up With Mailchimp to Help!

December 16, 2022

Email communication is a habit users have retained for as long as the Internet has existed. At the same time, thanks to lower-cost investment, more comprehensive customer coverage and relatively accurate customer segmentation, email marketing (EDM) has become an essential means of attracting traffic for e-commerce. With the right tools, sellers can achieve proportionate returns.

Mailchimp is one of the best tools, voted by 830,000 marketers worldwide, to help you automate your email marketing throughout the entire e-commerce process. With Mailchimp, you can design your email templates, send mass emails, manage subscriber lists and update email mailing lists. Its registered users can send 10,000 emails per month for free, with up to 2,000 recipients, which should be enough for many small and medium-sized sellers. After completing the mass mailing, MailChimp will also automatically count the emails' open rate and link click rate and even see which customers have opened them, which can help sellers achieve better marketing accuracy.

To help more  sellers to use this email marketing tool to generate genuine traffic and increase in-store conversion and repurchase rates, SHOPLINE has recently completed the integration with MailChimp from the underlying logic of the product and has incorporated "MailChimp Email Marketing" into its application center. It means that all sellers using SHOPLINE's standalone site can connect to MailChimp in the backend of their shop with one click.

The connection to MailChimp and the synchronisation of shop data will provide SHOPLINE independent sellers with three benefits. 

1、 Professional customer information mass mailing tool

By clicking on "Connect to MailChimp" in the SHOPLINE back office and logging into your MailChimp account, you will be able to complete product docking within 60 seconds. In contrast, SHOPLINE shop data will also be synchronized to your MailChimp account, including customer names and email addresses. This way, you don't have to spend time importing customer information when you send a mass email via MailChimp. Just select the corresponding Audience list in the "Audience Dashboard".

As a professional email marketing tool, MailChimp is less restricted and blocked than other mailbox systems, allowing your marketing emails to reach your target audience more safely, even with high-frequency and large-scale mass emails.

2 、Add marketing product information and merchant coupon codes with one click

Suppose you are using MailChimp alone when sending mass emails. In that case, sellers often have to add extra poster materials and external links to showcase their activities when describing their shop activities to capture better consumers' attention, which adds to the workload.

With the product functionality, it will sync product information, marketing campaigns and coupon codes from the SHOPLINE shop to the MailChimp account promptly, and marketing emails will be able to add in-store promotion cards with one click. For sellers, this reduces the hassle of repetitive work and is convenient and quick.


3、Intelligent email push, and accurate marketing to improve repurchase rate

How to improve customer experience and make them become loyal users of your brand? It's something that every seller is thinking about, and Mailchimp's Order Notification can help you.

Creating an "Order Notification" template in Mailchimp will automatically trigger an email push when a customer places an order in your shop. It is still a little trick that many sellers have set up to increase their repurchase rate.

Many sellers have used email marketing; some still use this promotion method, but only a few can use it well. Now, the opening of the functional level between SHOPLINE and MailChimp has opened up a new way of thinking for cross-border sellers to do email marketing.

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