Member System Nudges Reaching customers accurately at key points to promote activity and conversion

March 16, 2023

In the current situation where the traffic dividend is disappearing, how can E-commerce improve the new customers retention rate? How to stimulate existing customers to repurchase? How to cultivate more loyal customers? These have become the key to cross-border sellers to break through the situation.

To solve these issues, merchants can use the SHOPLINE Member System's Nudges feature to guide and remind customers on certain scenarios when they visit the store. This can encourage new customers to register as members, guide members to make more purchases, and motivate members to bring new customers to merchants' store. Nudges is capable of bringing an automatic rise in traffic and encouraging members to provide more GMV to the store, maximizing customer value.

What are Nudges?

When customers visit the store and meet the specific scenarios, the Member System will be transformed into a small size and recognizable dynamic pop-up window, which will guide customers to complete registration/login, redeem points, use discount codes, invite friends, and other operations, thus promoting member activity and conversion rate.

How to improve store traffic activity, retention rate and repurchase rate through the Nudges of the member system?

Guide visitors to register and login

Most customers, due to habit or laziness, only stay in the browsing stage when they visit the website. To avoid such situations causing traffic loss, merchants can set up a member registration guide in the store through nudges pop-up window to reach and attract customers in the form of a dynamic small pop-up window, and promptly guide customers to login and register on the current page.

After setting up the registration guide, the registration pop-up window will automatically reach customers who visit the home page, search page, product list page, product details page, shopping cart page and other pages for the first time each day when not logged in.

Research data shows that for every 5% increase in customer retention rate, profits can increase by 25%-95% accordingly. Enabling a simple guide pop-up can greatly improve the conversion rate and retention rate of new visitors, helping merchants to achieve long-term operation and thus increase purchase conversion.

Guiding members to redeem points

The point system is one of the most important methods to help merchants maintain customer traffic in membership operation management. By guiding customers to obtain points and consume points, it can achieve customer retention, activation, and conversion in the store. The value of the points system can only be reflected when the customer completes the redemption of points according to the merchant's guidance.

However, most customers do not use the points after they have accumulated enough points, so the points issued to customers cannot really lead to conversion, and the value of points cannot play a substantial role. Therefore, merchants need to actively guide customers to use their points to obtain maximum benefits.

merchants can configure the Member System’s Nudges to guide the use of points. When customers who have enough points are browsing the store, a dynamic pop-up window will be prompted to use and redeem their points, reminding and guiding them to actively utilize their points.

Guiding members to use rewards

Membership marketing strategies includes providing exclusive benefits to members, such as providing discounts, coupons, vouchers and other rewards, with the goal of increasing the members consumption frequency, generating repurchases, increasing customer loyalty and improving customer retention.

Similar to points redemption, many customers often forget to use the discount code they have redeemed, making it difficult to drive more purchases through the discount code and unable to realize the benefits and value of the discount.

merchants can configure Member System’s Nudges to guide customers to use their rewards. When customers with enough points are browsing the store, a dynamic pop-up window will be automatically pushed for customers to use the discount codes. Not only can this nudge help promote purchases, but also remind and guide customers to take the initiative to use the discount codes.

Guide members to share invitations

Encouraging customers to refer and invite their friends is an important way of increasing traffic, and merchants can design reasonable member marketing plans based on the actual situation of the store in order to achieve better traffic and customer acquisition.

By issuing coupons, member benefits, etc. members are encouraged to share "invitations" with their friends. After successful invitations, both inviters and invitees can receive corresponding rewards or benefits.

The loyal members are willing to share and invite. If the invitation mechanism and referral rewards are set effectively and reasonably, more existing members can be attracted to contribute to the new customer acquisition and promote the rapid growth of the store's performance.

merchants can configure Nudge to guide customers to refer and share with friends. When customers enter the completion page after placing an order or enter the online store through the specified invitation link, the nudge for invitation sharing will pop up, which guides customers to share their invitation cards with friends, thereby achieving conversion through viral growth.

After enabling Nudges, merchants can personalize the icon, title, description, style, and other content for the corresponding pop-up windows according to the business needs and store style for the 4 scenarios: login/registration, redeem points, use discount, and refer/share.

Member System Nudges can help merchants achieve automated and accurate reach in the store, effectively guide customers to complete certain consumption behavior, realize the value of the membership, and ultimately increase engagement, retention, and conversion to drive business growth.

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