How To Set Up A Checkout Page With A High Conversion Rate?

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December 29, 2022

The payment process of an E-commerce store website is often the most likely to affect conversion rates, so it's essential to have a smooth checkout page that gives users a good shopping experience to retain more consumers on the checkout page. This tutorial will guide you on how to set up a high-converting checkout page on SHOPLINE, and it will inspire you.


User information entry

Users must fill in personal and shipping address information on the checkout page. If there are any problems with this information, it can be a significant obstacle for customers to purchase. The following suggestions are available.

  • Need to set up the logistics area that can be delivered in advance, set up the path: store backstage - settings - shipping and delivery (after setting up, it is recommended that the merchant in the front of the store check whether it can select the delivery area typically)
  • Enable address association to enhance the information-filling experience. Setting path: Settings-Checkout-Checkout form options-Auto-fill function
  • User checkout contact information: currently support customers to use the cell phone number or email checkout; whether to open cell phone number checkout needs to be based on the user habits of the primary market of the merchant; fine recommended open, suitable for subsequent SMS marketing (PS: increase cell phone number checkout, you can find the corresponding CS to open this way)
  • Name filling: for example, in Europe and the United States, you can set the last name and first name to fill in separately, which is optional, in line with the habits of European and American customers, while reducing the number of fields to be filled in.

Setting path: Background - Settings - Checkout - Checkout form options.

Logistics settings

1. Logistics timeliness: It is also an influencing factor for customers to place orders. It is recommended that merchants should explain the preparation and delivery timelines. For example, when there are two logistics options for standard and expedited, it can add the corresponding logistics timeliness to facilitate buyers to understanding the transportation time range.

2. Shipping charges: high shipping costs can easily make buyers question their reasonableness; generally speaking, shipping or shipping thresholds are more attractive to consumers to complete the order.

3. Logistics information-tax number collection: for example, parcels sent to Brazil must provide the recipient's Tax number, and packages sent to Peru must collect the buyer's DNI information for customs clearance. You can set the recipient's tax number or DNI field on the checkout page to collect relevant information in advance to avoid contacting the buyer twice to obtain it.

Setting path: Store backend - Settings - Checkout - Show additional information input box at checkout

Payment method

When users need help finding the payment method they want on the checkout page, such as only PayPal is provided, no international credit card or other electronic payment methods, resulting in users giving up payment.

The following payment methods are for reference only.

Europe and the United States: PayPal, credit cards (credit card acquiring tools: Asiabill, Qianhai, stripe, Shopline payment, Pacypay)

 PS: To open Shopline Payment, please get in touch with customer service or operations manager (currently only support the settlement currency of the USD store application)

Southeast Asia: COD, local bank transfer

Taiwan: COD, local bank transfer, credit card (credit card acquiring tool: Qianhai)


1. Bank transfers 

 Some countries worldwide prefer bank transfers.

-Europe: e.g. Germany (giropay, SEPA), Netherlands (ideal), Finland, Switzerland

-Southeast Asia: e.g. Malaysia (FPX), Singapore (Paynow), India (UPI), Indonesia

 2. COD cash on delivery setup method.

Note: For local bank transfers, Alipay and other ways to use custom payment methods, select Custom, fill in the bank account or Alipay account & information

3. Installment payment (Buy Now, Pay Later)

Buy Now Pay Later allows buyers to get the goods first and then pay for them in a certain period in the future, including 30 days, 180 days and one year. Repayment is made within the specified period, and the buyer does not have to pay additional interest. Of course, service providers also offer installment plans that charge interest.

  • Atome: The largest BNPL service provider in Southeast Asia, currently online, is in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Klarna: BNPL service provider in Europe, America and Australia.
  • Afterpay: BNPL provider in Europe and America.
  • Affirm: BNPL service provider in Europe and America.


Tips: Comparison of credit card and installment payment methods.

Note: When stores set up more when payment methods, it is recommended that merchants adjust the priority according to the order of payment methods commonly used by users

Setting path: Store background - Settings - Checkout - Payment method custom sort - Payment method sort.


Coupon input box

When the store sets up a discount code, please pay attention to displaying it on the checkout page to give customers a discount and promote the completion of the checkout.

PS: If you support multiple discount code stacking, you need to set the maximum number of discount code stacking (1-5) in the store backend-settings-checkout-use discount at checkout.

Multi-currency price display

Stores do not display pricing in customers' local currency, which is one factor that weakens customers' willingness to buy. Merchants can adopt the multi-currency pricing capability to identify the customer's location by IP address and directly display the pricing in local currency to bring customers closer to the sense of distance between an international site.

Setting Path: Store Backend - Settings - Basic Settings - Settlement Currency: Detects the currency matching the corresponding country/region based on the IP address of the visiting customer.

Examples and display effects are as follows.

For example, if a customer from the UK purchases a product in the store in USD, he can see two currencies, GBP and USD, on the checkout page, but the final settlement will be in USD.

Checkout style optimization

1. Configure brand LOGO instead of text on the checkout page

 (Backend - Online Shop - Shop Design - Theme Setting - Checkout - LOGO)

The display effect is as follows.

2. Show an after-sales guarantee policy & secure payment icon that can support payment

Showing store policy or after-sale guarantee policy on the checkout page is helpful to increase customers' trust. A missing store policy will raise customers' doubts at checkout, affecting confidence. Setting path: Store backend - Settings - Rules / Checkout

The checkout page displays payment security icons and includes security instructions, such as 100% secured payment, to increase consumer trust. Setting path: Store backend-Settings-Checkout-Checkout security and trust-Display payment channel icons-Payment security information display location-Display on the checkout page.

The display effect is as follows.

Or you can use the "Checkout Supplement" plug-in to display the information customers want to know, such as logistics instructions, return policy, and discount information. It can improve the aesthetics of the checkout page, enhance customer trust, reduce customer order time in the checkout process, and reap high conversion rates.

3. The checkout process should be in line with consumer habits.

It is recommended to provide different checkout pages according to the habits of consumers in other regions; currently, there are two popular checkout methods in the international scope: single-page checkout and three-page checkout page. Generally, single-page checkout is suitable for the COD market, and three-page checkout is ideal for a mature market in Europe and America.

Checkout style setting path: Store background - Settings - Checkout - Checkout step settings

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