Best SHOPLINE Theme for Furniture E-commerce Website

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January 29, 2023

Expect a free theme provided by SHOPLINE for the Home category. It includes a rich color scheme and a feature-rich layout. Some boards allow adding, rearranging, and editing each page and support creating different template designs for other runners without coding. We built the site for the home category, which needed to provide differentiated background textures, support featured product description editing, and offer menu images and quick add buttons. We want to build a theme that can optimally adapt to you and your business over time. From the first opening of your online store to increase sales, Expect should continue to fit just like a comfortable set of furniture. Previews are available to view the demo effects we provide.

Quickly implement your Home-style site build with featured grain and greater flexibility for adjustability.

In addition to the signature styling tones explicitly made for home sites, we've given Expect more flexibility to adapt and expand. The theme allows you to create different templates and add different component designs to any page of your online store. In addition, we break down some critical sections into partial components, allowing you to add, remove and reorder them to create custom layouts that better communicate your brand and products. Expect support for different templates for different pages and various component embedding from the Advanced Component Library when designing the home page. It allows you to present additional content components for other product listing pages and product detail pages with various custom design combinations. You can use the section to showcase related products on product pages, as a lookbook, as a gallery on the homepage, or even as a video section on the "About" page.

Installing and managing applications has always been challenging. Like other online store themes, Expect also includes support for application widgets, allowing you to easily insert them into the homepage and customize their appearance in the theme editor. You can expect more and more applications to support application widgets in the future.

Flexible features and new theme editing options mean you have more freedom when editing layouts and can implement your ideas without the help of developers. 

Turn Shoppers into Paying Customers.

Most store traffic now comes from mobile sessions, so it was essential for us to design this theme to be mobile-first. Here are some behind-the-scenes secrets: designing for mobile viewports is more challenging than creating for desktop. You fit the same amount of functionality and content onto a much smaller screen, and that's often an afterthought. When designing Expect, we started with the mobile screen and then tweaked it for the desktop. The result is a more innovative, more intuitive user experience for buyers.

When shopping online, buyers tend to engage in different types of behavior. We purposefully designed the Expect experience to meet the product discovery needs of different kinds of shoppers. First, some goal-oriented buyers land on the site looking for something specific, so we designed sections that provide quick access to collections and introduced easy-to-use product filtering options. Then, there are discovery-oriented buyers, Those who like to browse content and get inspired by it to make a purchase decision, so we layered highly visual sections that can add to all pages. We also introduce cross-selling areas and blocks that allow buyers to discover relevant products throughout the shopping funnel, including in the shopping cart. In this way, you can present buyers with other new products that may interest them, even if they aren't explicitly looking for them.

Easy to Set up And Get Started

We consciously make Except as easy to customize as possible so that you can get a differentiated and professional-looking online store by switching some settings. One way this shows up in Expect is through our coordinated color palette. We simplify color environments by providing color styles to fit different components while giving plenty of room for brand expression. It simplifies the theme setup experience and ensures consistent use of color throughout the theme.

Another benefit of Expect is its flexible layout. Expect templates can be scaled to create visually pleasing pages regardless of how many products or content you use. We also know that not all merchants can design consistently edited product images, especially if you're starting. We support uniform image scaling and instant uniform layouts on product pages.

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