Member Analytics:Multi-dimension data system drives the increase of business

March 16, 2023

In the era of big data, member data analytics is the core of the e-commerce member system and continuous optimization and is an essential engine of membership marketing.

Collecting, managing, and analysis of member data can guide member management strategies, and improve the accuracy of member marketing. A comprehensive and powerful data management system can help merchants better understand customers, sales, conversion effects, business trends, etc., so they can make more effective operational strategies and improve member satisfaction and boost brand reputation.

SHOPLINE Member System provides detailed data analysis of several features modules to you:

  • Help grasp the operation of the Member System and configure and optimize system rules based on operational data.

  • Realize the refined operation of members, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the member system and the overall revenue of the store.

SHOPLINE Member System Analytics provides 6 reports, including Member analytics, Point analytics, Referral analytics, Member price products analytics, Store credit analytics, and Gift card analytics, to help merchants manage and analyze member data in multiple dimensions.

Member analytics

In the Member analytics report, merchants can view the number and the trend of New members, Active members, Member orders, Member sales, Member's returning rate, etc.

Merchants can also use the member details analytics to view the distribution of members in different levels, understand the number and proportion of members in each level, and understand the benefits and value brought to the store by members with different attributes and levels, and carry out membership marketing more targeted.

  • For example, if the number of members grows unstably, merchants can summarize the rules behind the daily changes of members number and the activities launched by the store. And then decide the most effective marketing activities or optimize the membership campaign strategy. 

Point Analytics Report

Through the Points Analysis report, merchants can view the number and the trend of Points distributed, Points spent, Orders over time, Sales, etc. Merchants can also view Points available, Redemption rate, Points discount amount, ROI, and ranking of point redemptions during a specific period.

  • According to the Points spent, ROI, and the rank of points method used, merchants can adjust and optimize the point settings, releasing strategy, and using rules, to form better marketing ways of points and improve the conversion benefit of points.

  • For example, if the number of Points distributed decreased, merchants can add the values of points for registration to promote members to complete tasks and gain relevant points. If the number of Points distributed is stable, while the number of Points spent is low, merchants can add the points for redemption to promote members using points. 

Referral Analytics Report

In the Referral Analytics Report, merchants can view the number and the trend of Page views from referrals, Referral customers, Referrals completed, and Referral rank over time. Merchants can also view the Referral cost, Conversion rate, and Referral rank.

  • According to the data, merchants can grasp the conversion effect of member referrals, adjust the referral awards rules, optimize referral costs, and improve the conversion rate of referrals.

  • Merchants can also can provide exclusive rewards to members to invite certain numbers of people, such as member price, gift card, and improve member level, which can not only maintain loyal customers, but also motivate customers to continue sharing.

  • For example: if the number of Page views from referrals is too low, merchants can add rewards for inviter to stimulate customers to share more. If the number of Referrals completed is low, merchants can add rewards for invitees to promote the invitee to complete the task.

Member Price Products Analytics

In the Member Price Products Analytics Report, merchants can view the number of Sales, Sales quantity, Orders, and Sales rank of member price products in a certain period.

  • This helps merchants understand the sales situation and trends of member price products, adjust member product settings, optimize price settings, attract more members to make purchases, and thereby increase the overall sales of the store.

  • For example, merchants can combine sales data and trends to remove products with low sales volume, extend the validity period of member price products, or increase the inventory of popular products to promote more member purchases and attract more customers to become store members.

Store Credit Analytics

In the Store Credit Analytics Report, merchants can view the detailed data of Credits distributed, Credits redeemed, Orders with using credits, and Sales with using credits over time. Merchants can also view the number of Rewarded customers and the Redemption rate.

  • Grasping the conversion condition of store credits to help merchants optimize the releasing strategy of store credits.

Gift Card Analytics 

In the Gift Card Analytics Report, merchants can view the overall data of Total balance, Redeemed value, and Remaining balance. Merchants can also provide the daily sales trend of gift sales number and total amount, as well as the detailed data of Orders using gift cards, Gift card sales, and Gift card distributions.

  • Merchants can adjust and optimize their gift card amount settings, distribution rules, and other strategies based on the usage, conversion effect, and ROI data of gift cards.

Member operation and marketing are essentially membership database marketing, which requires merchants to analyze and understand the consumption condition and behavior of members, and the consumption and conversion of member products and benefits. Based on this information, more refined, personalized, and customer-oriented marketing strategies can be developed.

The SHOPLINE Member Analytics provides merchants with comprehensive, accurate and reasonable data reports and analysis, helping them to develop more targeted membership plans and marketing programs and maximize the value of membership operations revenue.

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